Week 27

Basically my life is a rollercoaster of drinking smoothies and eating spiralised veg at home then stepping out the front door into a 3 day marathon of eating cake. The struggle is real. Yinka xx

Week 26

So the maths teacher in me can’t help but notice that 26 weeks is equivalent to half a year…insane! I actually can’t believe that I’m a quarter of the way through my time here and I STILL CAN’T SPEAK SWEDISH!! So much joy!! Yinka xx

Week 25

Birthday celebrations with the teacher troupe.   I ate a lot this week…luckily the cake turned out well 😁   I did return to the gym this week though!   Happy 5th Birthday Hillsong Copenhagen!!! Yinka xx    

Week 24

First week back at school and I had that realisation that I’ve had so many times before…I love teaching. I love maths with a passion, the kids I teach are great and I actually really enjoy planning lessons; I get to come up with a new way for my students to learn and I’m in…

Week 23

Well Christmas is well and truly over. The Christmas tree is down, most of the Christmas treats have been eaten and I’m back to school tomorrow. I guess this means I need to stop eating ice-cream for breakfast. The last week of the break has been great: Stockholm, Ikea, 3 days barely moving (my fitbit…

Week 22

I’m going to pretend I posted this at the end of last week instead of 3 days late… Christmas day in Helsingborg Fun times with mum and the little sis Airport trading – bye bye family, hello boyfriend Stockholm (so far) Day 1 – MAX burgers and Lego Day 2 – walking tour, steak and…

Week 21

God Jul!! It’s Christmas!! Well Christmas eve but that’s when they celebrate here in Scandinavia. My mum and little sister have been here visiting for a few days so here are our adventures so far: (Viewing the christmas lights in Malmö, two Copenhagen visits, an IKEA visit and Christmas dinner). We also had a quick…