Week 6

So it’s been a fun-filled week (and a bit). I am sat waiting to fly back to Sweden so I’m writing this at the tail end of two weekends back in England.

Last weekend consisted of a Saturday in Southampton and Portsmouth where my boyfriend got to meet my dad (all good there) and I got to surprise my friends in Portsmouth by going to their son’s first birthday party…


…and a Sunday where I got to surprise my church in Guildford, visit the new hummingbird bakery and get some cakes, do some charity shopping, visit the old teacher buddies and stop in at Hillsong to (briefly) see a friend.


This week was fairly uneventful back in Sweden. Wednesday was fun-filled though – wine and cheese night with the other new staff and then I attended my first hillsong connect group.


School had some some fun bits – being a nut free school they reacted quite dramatically when a jar of peanut butter was found in the communal area:


Then Friday was the day of two half birthdays – my housemate’s and one of the maths teacher’s. They were not aware it was their half birthday, but they know now:


Then lastly this weekend was a wonderful wedding in Kent. The vows were beautiful, the families African entertainment inventive and it was great seeing my besties too.


Also super grateful to this one for giving up his last two weekends to drive me everywhere. You have a break until I’m back in December.


Yinka xx













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