Week 7

So this week has been one of those weeks where I had a lot of time to reflect (daydream). The culmination of these reflections was me wanting to do more. I’ve always thought I already push myself quite hard to fit a lot into my days/weeks but a combo of this being the first weekend where I’m not travelling back to England/don’t have an essay deadline looking over me and feeling really settled in school led to a very comfortable week. Completely stress free. Of course this is a good thing, a great thing that I don’t take for granted but feeling this settled ironically gave me a very unsettled feeling, a feeling of not being challenged.

In comes a seminar after church this morning that addresses just that. I won’t go into too much detail but this video was shown:

Which made me reflect on whether I have any regrets. Spoiler alert! I don’t…yet. I’m so aware that my mid 20s may be the last period of my life where I have both money and time for just me, I really don’t want to waste it. Without giving away too much I had a great revelation this week where I may have started to discover my purpose and I’m ready to be proactive about it…watch this space!

In less serious news I had a touristy day yesterday in Lund with some of the teachers from my school and it was great fun. I also managed a sober night out on Friday which featured a carpentry exhibition, a pub which didn’t serve lemonade and a cocktail bar with a decent mocktail selection.

Summary of everything else:

Spirit: I went to church on Tuesday as a guy called Charles Nieman came to preach and he really challenged my attitude to reading the Bible. I’ve decided to read the new testament before the end of the year (3 and a bit months) and so far I’m on track with reading and reflecting on 3 chapters a day.

Health: I’ve definitely indulged this week (2 portions of chocolate churros in Lund yesterday, 3 cinnamon rolls on Tuesday and lots of cake on wednesday) but I’m only looking forward so I’ve just been to the shop and I’m getting ready to do a mammoth meal prep session. I’m still walking everywhere and hitting an average of 13,000 steps a day which for right now is enough until I can figure out how to sign up for classes at the gym.

Academic: until the dissertation begins all my energy is going into tweaking all my lessons to follow the IB curriculum but so far, so good. Absolutely loving this school!

People: I was told Swedish people were even less friendly than British people which is probably why the only Swedish friends I have are my housemate and church people. Everyone else I hang out with is from elsewhere in the world which for now is totally fine. I will keep smiling at the Swedes even if they refuse to smile back!

Experience: I learnt a song on the ukulele! Happy birthday of course. The first thing checked off the 25 list since I moved here…need to get a wiggle on.

Yinka xx




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