Week 8

So I had my first scary moment since moving here on Thursday. Someone attempted to break in but clearly gave up when they realised my housemate and I were home. We still rang the police and after a reassuring talk with them (or rather after they spoke to my housemate and she translated to me) I got about 30 minutes of broken sleep before my alarm went off. With alot of coffee I managed to make it through the day and fake my usual perky self for the sake of the kids while reminding myself it’s not their fault I was sleep deprived and grumpy.

Despite all that I still had a great week:

Spirit – I’ve been thinking more about how I can serve in my church. I’ve joined the photography team and was the service photographer for the second time today. Then after the service I took a tour of the kids church as I’ve always enjoyed helping in Sunday school. However, for the last two weeks I’ve really been thinking more about the practical outreach side of church, helping the homeless etc. So I will be definitely be looking more into that!


Physical – lemon water has fully replaced tea. My only fear is that all the acid is going to rot my teeth! Been pretty good on the food front – even made paleo pancakes this morning (banana and eggs only!). Definitely indulged a bit though (see experience section).

Academic – I think I’ve settled on a focus for my dissertation but until I get the results of my essay back I can’t really plan for it, need to to know I’ve actually passed to carry on into next year!

People – I feel like I’ve bagged a second family in my church again so I’m super grateful for that. I’m also so obsessed with my besties. We had a hilarious video call yesterday which reminded me how different we all are but how well we fit together.


Experience – I went to Emporia mall on Friday for the first time ever. Baring in mind I only had maximum two hours sleep the night before I managed to have a great time with one of my colleagues and her three year old. Froyo, craft stores and toyshops left me with a happy tummy, a new robe and knitting supplies.


Yinka xx

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