Week 9

20171001997959636Pop up art gallery followed by a boogie at Fagan’s Irish bar

2017100149857697My namesake Olayinka – enjoyed a church breakfast then a shopping trip in the afternoon

2017100196117348A trek through town with Charlene trying to find pink tupperware

Snapchat-1427612096The fruits of my shopping labour – going to attempt cake pops for my half birthday on Friday

Snapchat-107568186Joined the gym and first session done

Snapchat-223868018Balanced out the gym with another froyo!

Snapchat-1806688474The perks of walking everywhere – seeing the hidden beauty of Malmö

Snapchat-1856848262.jpgVolunteers breakfast at church

Snapchat-2007433583The froyo up close and personal

IMG-20170930-WA0014My new H&m jumper – got it on sale which makes me love it more

IMG-20171001-WA0023Meal prepping – köttbullar casserole

FB_IMG_1506888755419Church selfies

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