Week 12

I have been quite lazy with the past few posts so here’s an actual update!



So a few weeks ago I set myself the challenge of reading all of the new testament by the end of the year which meant roughly 3 chapters a day. I am proud to say that I have stuck to it and I am currently in the middle of Acts. What’s stood out to me recently is while I may think it’s “tricky” being a Christian in one of the least religious countries in the world, that is nothing compared to the first Christians in Acts and the persecution they faced. If that doesn’t tell me to suck it up I don’t know what does.

In terms of church I’m still loving serving on the photography team and I also joined the hosting team this week so looking forward to welcoming people every Sunday and being my usual helpful self.



IMG_20171019_193755_259I went to the gym twice this week, and by myself. It may not seem like a big thing but the old Yinka would have used the fact that her gym buddy was ill as an excuse to stay home.  Not anymore! I’m still a long way off from a six pack but I’m starting to enjoy the gym, so baby steps.



So grateful for all my amazing students out there, in the UK and in Sweden. I finally got around to putting up all my leaving cards and thank you notes from my old school which I hoped would help with the homesickness that is starting to kick in. I, of course, instead just remembered how amazing all those kids were and how much I loved my old school. However…on Friday I helped out at my new school’s Halloween disco (dressed as a minion) and saw just how incredible my new kids are too. It is so great to see teenagers dancing, socialising and having a good time with no sight of phones, alcohol or bitchiness. Just seeing my students in a different setting made me feel that much closer to them. I mean you get a lot of insight when you see your MYP2 boys in pink, fluffy unicorn onesies rapping along to ‘mans not hot’.



It’s probably not great that my ‘people’ pictures are food and not people. However they are linked with people. On Tuesday I had fika with a girl from church and she was so incredible to talk to. It was mainly relationship talk as she had done long distance with her now husband but also just general life advice including books to read and how to learn swedish. She’s a keeper! The burger was actually in a vegan bar down the road from me and I went with some of the girls from work on Wednesday. We also went out Saturday night with a few of the other teachers to an Irish bar where I continued to resist the alcohol but still had a good boogie sesh.


More second hand clothes!! I went to a flea market at a local school yesterday and got some nice pieces for the equivalent of £12 so super duper happy about that.


Not so thrilled about my trek on Thursday to pick up a package which for some reason couldn’t be delivered to my apartment. I had to catch a coach to the airport which took 40 minutes then walk 20 minutes to some sort of abandoned warehouse. Once I got it I felt super productive and headed to the tax office to finally order my swedish ID card. So in 2-3 weeks I can get register with a doctor and get mobile banking, yay!

Yinka xx

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