Week 16

So photography at church is still going strong. In fact I’ve been put in charge of the photography team for Malmö Hillsong so looking forward to growing and developing myself and the team.


So we had our first sisterhood connect group on Tuesday. It was great to talk with so many young girls that are so passionate about developing their faith and delving into the Bible. And food. I’ve changed my November eating plan to vegan at home, vegetarian outside. The donuts were calling me.

Speaking of food, the vegan journey continues. Lots of soup, avocado with everything, tofu curry with cauliflower rice (not that rice is anti-vegan but low calorie is a win) and of course vegan puds.

Lots of fitness successes this week! Roped in a new gym buddy, reached the top weight on the hip abductor machines, got to the top of the leaderboard in terms of steps (averaged 18000 a day) and went to the gym five times this week (definitely the most I’ve ever done). And I’ve managed to stick to the ab challenge this month.

Friday night was a joint birthday/Indian feast with some of the teachers from school and was great fun. Ooh and I made the oreo brownies and cupcakes!


So I ticked one more thing off my list. I “won” a game of chess. Or rather I didn’t lose. It was something called a stalemate? But I’m claiming it because I don’t want to play it again for a while.


I’m just including this one because I like his face. I got double the love in our Skype session yesterday. So cute.

Yinka xx










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