Week 19

My Facebook/Instagram is full of all my friends in the UK surrounded by a winter wonderland (except those in Guildford or near Gatwick apparently). I have been checking (praying) since 9am to see if my flight was cancelled just so I could be forced to stay just one more day in Guildford. However I am currently sat in Gatwick Airport chowing down on my Nandos:20171210_170808 and missing the Christmas production in my Guildford church AND my Malmö church. The Malmö one will be repeated in Copenhagen next weekend so I’ll get to see that and I’ve watched the rehearsals in Guildford for about 7 hours this weekend so silverlinings…

On Wednesday I cooked my first Swedish Julskinka (Christmas ham) for our Sisterhood Christmas dinner:

On Friday I flew home and got to go to my favourite place in the whole wide world…Cobham Services!! A service station may not seem like much but there’s so many great opportunities to people watch and amazing food options. I went for a McDonald’s hot chocolate because THEY DON’T DO THEM IN MALMÖ!!!


(This is my happy face when I was picked up from Gatwick).

On Saturday I got to watch my wonderful boyfriend rehearse for the Christmas production where he played not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 roles!!! After rehearsing with him over Skype it was nice to see it in context with the other great performers. And I got to see all my Guildford favourites for a catchup (Josi that’s you ❤❤❤). Then I went for lunch with my dad and sisters as we won’t all be together for Christmas. I also took the opportunity to go to Primark because THEY DON’T HAVE ONE IN MALMÖ!!


Then last night was Laurence’s work Christmas party so I got to feel fancy for a change:

Then today was more rehearsal watching which was so bittersweet because everyone was performing beautifully but I felt a bit sad that I wasn’t part of it this year. Regardless I’m hearing great things via social media that it’s going well and I’m looking forward to seeing it on YouTube soon!


There were a lot of tears today, I’m not going to lie. I know that in 24 hours I’ll be back into my Swedish routine and loving life again, but it does feel like goodbyes get harder each time.

19 weeks down, 85 to go…

Yinka xx

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