Week 20

It has been such a hectic week! (So hectic that I’m posting this a day late). Thankfully I have the next three weeks off school so I will hopefully get plenty of rest to shift the bags that have developed under my eyes.

Tuesday – school staff Christmas party and my first opportunity to experience a Swedish Julbord. I had at least 6 different types of fish and overall I was a fan. (I was also a fan of the many desserts). I don’t think I would have been as open-minded if I hadn’t have had my traditional Turkey Christmas meal last weekend.

Wednesday – I got to experience my first two Lucia’s; one at school and one in the town centre (after churros with the star wars clan).

Thursday – we had a volunteer Christmas party at church so I got to rock my christnas jumper which I blinged out myself with IKEA lights.

Friday – last day of school meant taking part in the staff dance in assembly and a post work christmas send-off (still managed to resist a glass of wine).

Saturday – guiltily my first day at the gym for over a week and the rest of the day was life admin and Christmas films.

Sunday – a full day in Copenhagen photographing their 4 Christmas shows. They were incredible, I was still getting goosebumps during the final show even though I’d heard it all three times before!

Looking forward to three days of ‘me’ time before I get the Christmas gift of my mum and sister coming to stay!

Yinka xx

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